Porta-Loo, Tank & Water Trough Cleaning

Aussie Septic Solutions offers a full cleaning and servicing for porta-loos, water tanks and farm water trough. We offer competitive prices and service times to suit your needs around the East Gippsland Region.


Porta-loo Services

 Let Aussie Septic Solutions take the responsibility of regular comprehensive servicing and cleaning of your Ports-loos to ensure you comply with the regulations and keep your staff happy.


Water Tank Cleaning

The Australian Drinking Water Guidelines, published by the federal health department, recommend that along with regular maintenance you should desludge your rainwater tank about every 2-3 years. Even with good practice,  your tank will still get a build-up of dust, bird droppings, organic material and other contaminants, which may lead to bacterial build up and contamination of your water. 

 Let us take care of the problem with our professional services we can clean the black sludge that has building up in the bottom of your water tank. 

Water Trough Cleaning

According to the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, it is necessary to thoroughly clean water troughs at least once a week. Grain dropped from the mouths of cattle will pollute the water, giving it a sour taste and the cattle may avoid drinking.

Aussie Septic solutions has you covered, we can undertake a regular clening service of all your water troughs. 




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